Video Podcast: WordPress Nested Comments

This is my very first video podcast! Christy Hoffman asked “Can I turn off WordPress Nested Comments?” But there are actually several questions here!


What Are WordPress Nested Comments?

These are also called Threaded Comments and look similar to the image on the left. Each time someone replies to the person above them, the reply is indented.

If someone replies to the blog post, then it won’t be indented.

Are WordPress Threaded Comments Necessary?

They are up to you.  If you and your clients like them, then you may want to allow a few levels of nested comments. You will need a WordPress theme that allows them, but most themes do.

However I do suggest that you limit them to 2-4 levels, so that the indents do not wind up taking up most of the page.

How can I change the Threaded Comments Levels?

Visit your WordPress Dashboard.  Scroll down to Settings, then look for Discussions.

On the Discussions page, look for Other Comment Settings.  Then find “Enable threaded (nested) comments.” The box by default is checked with 5 levels.

Then choose how many levels of nested comments you want. If you don’t want any, uncheck the box and WordPress Threaded comments will be turned off.

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