Using Ezine Articles for Content

While it can be a great source of information, using Ezine Articles if you don’t know how to  can be frustrating. There are so many articles. Then you wonder what to do with the articles.


You could read the TOS (terms of service). Here’s a summary: Respect the author and Ezine Articles (legally, ethically etc…) More info: Include the author’s full resource box including the Article Source: Ezine Articles. Keep all links linked and active. Do not change the article. Do not use any article in exploitative websites, unlawful websites or promotion there of… In other words RESPECT!

Using Ezine Articles to Find articles

Simply visit Expert_bio=MJ_Schrader! Ok, it was worth a shot! At the top is Google Search. There is also a search in the left sidebar. Type in a term related to the article you need. Let’s say you need articles about “Cheap Gifts” or maybe you just need cheap gift ideas because May is when everyone in your family has a birthday. Type “Cheap Gifts” without the quotes for an example.

To Use Quotations or Not to Use Quotations

Quotes will keep your choices to that particular phrase, but they will include articles that mention that phrase. If you had typed “English Cocker Spaniel” you would only see 3 articles related to that particular breed, and many more related to the American Cocker Spaniel. These articles are listed because they mention the English. (Trivia The AKC recognized the 2 different breeds in 1946, most people are familiar with the American.)


If you typed cheap gifts you can see there are a wide variety of choices. This is when you might choose quotation marks, or add a word. Then you add quotes to “cheap gifts” or extra words like “cheap birthday gifts” or “earth friendly gifts.” Or perhaps you want a particular author.

By Author

Yes, you can narrow your choices by the author. Ok, for those of you Internet instructors, do you need terms for your blog? Type “MJ Schrader Terms” in your search without quotations. You will notice the terms articles first and later articles where I may discuss terms in the article. Now you know how to find articles, but how do you add them. Since this post is already rather long, I am going to save that for tomorrow’s post. Tomorrow will be how to add these articles to your blog! More blog content is always good! ~ MJ Schrader

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