Tip Jar

Appreciated QuoteI have been approached by many clients that insist they pay me more for my services, or they want to give something as a thank you for helping them.

While, you can’t put a price on great customer service, it is a very welcomed “bonus.” Plus it helps give me the confidence to carry on my chosen career path. We all like to be appreciated 🙂

How can you tip?

Money is great, but you can tip in other ways as well.

Word of Mouth.

Recommend us, both for the training courses here, or design work at Media Guard Group, or even the Amazon link below. Having potential clients emailing me saying they were referred by a previous client is an awesome experience.

Send in a Testimonial

Send in a testimonial.  Visit our Facebook fanpage  Just a quick note letting us know that we can use you as a reference anytime is great!   A solid testimonial and reference for future clients is amazing.

Use My Shop Amazon Banner

Click the banner below to buy from Amazon.  Seriously. It doesn’t cost you any extra, but it helps me.

A Gift Card

Long ago you could use PayPal for donations, now you can’t unless you are a non-profit.  But like everyone else, I always need something from Amazon!  And with Amazon, you can get a gift card as little as $1 up to $2000…  and every dollar helps.

And thank you very much for appreciating me.  Appreciation goes a long way. It is encouraging,uplifting, helps me know I’m on the right course, and of course helps with things financially  and business wise.


Thank you.