How to Schedule WordPress Posts

Life gets busy sometimes, and often it happens at random times. Then there are times when words seem to flow from your fingers like magic, followed by dry spells. When you learn how to schedule WordPress posts you are able to keep your content flow even throughout these times.

How to Schedule WordPress Posts

Every time you make a post you have the option to schedule it. All you need to do is click “Edit” beside the words “Publish Immediately” and you will see date and time.  This will allow you to back date or future schedule posts.

schedule WordPress Posts

Why Would I Back Date WordPress Posts

When you create a new blog, you might want it to look like an established blog. Or after writing a post you may realize you want or need some previous posts to add back story or information that needs to come before.  Then later your posts will show as regular posts instead of 2 or 3 posts a day.

Why Would I Future Schedule WordPress Posts?

This is huge!  Because this allows you take an ebook or long article and break it up into smaller posts so you have regular flowing content.  You could schedule one post a day, or week, and have content for many (even a year or more) into the future!

For some people they may not have time to write every day. This also comes in handy if you have ideas for a series of blog posts, because you can write all the posts at once. A vacation does not mean your blog will look abandoned. Some people write 52 posts at once and have a full year of posts scheduled to automatically post.

How to Schedule Your Blog Posts

After you are done writing your post, you can press publish. This might either be below the post or to the right depending on if you have your screen set on one or two columns. Above that publish button is “Publish Immediately” followed by “Edit.” Clicking Edit will allow you to change the date. You can change the year, the month, the day, even the time of day.

Years ago a friend and I wrote a “morning report” but neither of us were morning people. Thus we would schedule the posts for release before 8am EST. Perhaps you want to have a lunch post, or one after work. This allows you to be specific about the time of day the post will publish.

Now you know! And now you don’t have to worry about writing lots of posts in one day and having nothing to write the next.

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