Kartra: Your Kartra Email

Do I Get Kartra Email?

With your Kartra license, you have a Kartra email integration set up. This allows emails to be sent from your Kartra account for your broadcasts, campaigns and more. 

We recommend getting your own dedicated SMTP service, but if you wish to use Kartra email, you’ll want to make certain your business email is added. Using this specific email address makes you and your business more recognizable and memorable. This also helps build your brand.


Where Is My Kartra Email?

To find the Kartra email, also called Kartra Mail, go to My Integrations (Marked #1 Below) on the left sidebar.


Click “Integrations” on the top menu and dropdown (Marked #2 Below). 

Email Integrations

From the dropdown in the Integrations box (Marked #3 Below), select email. Kartra Mail will be on the list.

Kartra Email Integrations


How Do I Edit My Kartra Email?

Once you see the list of emails, look for the box that says “Kartra Mail”.  

Click the three dots inside the box (Marked #1 Below). This will open a popup with “Edit Integration” (Marked #2 Below). Click this to edit your Kartra Email.

Kartra Email


Can I Change my Kartra Email?

Once you’ve gone through the steps above, you can make changes to your Kartra Email. This changes the default settings, but you can make edits per your broadcast or….

Gateway Name

Under Gateway Name you can choose to change the name. 

Sender Name

The Sender Name typically defaults to the name you used in your account, but you may want to change it to your business name or other relevant name of your choosing.

Send From Email

This email will be created as your username @kartra.com.

We highly recommend changing the email to your business email (Marked #1 Below) so your customers will recognize the address. This will also help with your business branding.

Reply-To Email

The email here will be the email you used when you created your account in Kartra.

We recommend that you change it to your preferred reply-to business email (Marked #2 Below) so your customers will recognize the address. This will also help with your business branding.

Default Email Gateway

The Kartra Email is set up as your default email automatically and will be the default email that appears throughout Kartra in your campaigns and products.

You can unclick this (Marked #3 Below) if you don’t want it to be the default. Once you’ve added other email integrations, you may choose to use another email as default. 

The default email will have a green checkmark appear in the top right corner of the email box (See Checkmark in Image Above).

Send Yourself a Test Email

NOTE: Test emails are currently coming from notifications@kartra.com.com. 


Once your email settings are configured completely, press “Edit”. This will save your edits.

Kartra Email Edit



Now your Kartra Email is set up and ready to use!