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Today we are recommending some social media image templates and discussing what your images need.  Social Media is ever evolving. And what each social media type needs as far as cover images and profile image is ever changing as well.

Sadly, instead of getting easier, it has gotten more difficult to create these images. Facebook and Google plus are great because they have limited size images, but not Twitter. It has a background screen, which needs to be small enough for all devices and big enough for all screens… Which easily goes from a smartphone width to a 21 + inch monitor.

What Shouldn’t Be on Your Social Media Images

Social Media TemplateLong ago people had Facebook fan pages with a Buy this or buy that on their cover image.  This is no longer allowed.  Nor any advertising.  And this is the same rule you should follow on all social media websites.

Using the stock image; typically a gray very non-nondescript image,  looks very unprofessional.  And while it is hard to keep up with the ever changing sizes of the social media images, it’s good to keep variations, or images that allow for changes.

While it is tempting to cram your image full of text or images, please don’t.  Remember some people are going to be looking at your images on large screens and others are going to be looking via their smart phones.  Side Note: this also makes it easier to modify when image sizes change again.

If you are repurposing previously created images, make certain your image fits the current dimensions, otherwise you run the risk of ending up with cover photo elements that stretch beyond the image boundaries. And images that are cut off or distorted don’t look that great.

What should be on Your Social Media Images?

Keep it simple so it looks good at all sizes, especially smaller ones.

Match your brand colors. When your social media cover photo doesn’t match your logo in colors or appearance you look disjointed, which like the the stock image, looks unprofessional.

Social media is about being social, not selling. Make certain your cover images are engaging. Many companies use customer created images; such as those from Instagram tagged with the company name, as part of their social media images.

Links For Social Media Image Templates

Below are some great links for you that have the current sizes and even some templates to help you get started creating your social media images.

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