Why is Content King?

Today’s post will explain why content is king and how it benefits your website.

Why is Content King?

Content is King crownA lawn service could easily design a page with information about how to contact them. Another page with services. Then additional content with lawn tips, special events and other lawn related information.  If your website is hypnosis related, then you could have pages about different techniques, ways to relax and how hypnosis can help. This varied but related content gives search engines a reason to send visitors to your site and more reasons for readers to come.

How does Content Help my Website?

No matter your website, it is selling something. Perhaps you are selling a product or a service or your own life story. By providing more information your readers have more reasons to stay on your website. The longer they are on your website the more likely they are to view you as a resource, a trusted individual or otherwise decide you are likable. People are more likely to do business with someone they trust and like.

Good content is important

It is important to realize that content needs to be beneficial for your readers. Good content is related to your niche. Articles about keyboards on your gardening site is not going to work.  You need to be fluent in English or the language you are writing.  Readers don’t expect perfect grammar, but major mistakes, lack of punctuation or spelling mistakes can turn readers away.

Finding website content

Content can come from a variety of sources. You can write it. You can use Private Label Rights, PLR. You can re-write PLR. Invite guest bloggers, you get content for the cost of a link back to their website. Article directories such as Ezine Articles provide content on a variety of subjects. A search will provide material you can use. The cost is including the author’s resource box and the Ezine Articles “article source line.”

Is it that simple?

If you are not much a writer use all the above techniques to add content. By combining the article sources you create a unique website that establishes your business in the visitors minds. Readers expect information and with these techniques you can provide it and that makes your website grow!

~ MJ Schrader

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