Blog Content and Writing Short Stories

Funny how timing works sometimes.  So here I have been talking about content for the last few posts and my friend Geoff emails me about a new course he is offering, “You Can Write a Short Story”With his help, you could learn how to write content faster and easier.

Meeting Geoff

Geoff and I finally got to mClassicShortStoriesWithBindeet in person at Unseminar 7 after having chatted a few times over at a forum.  Unseminars are incredible experiences that bring together a wide variety of people who may not know anyone upon arrival and leave with a brand new family of friends.  The incredible Pat O’Bryan hosts the events and actually there is Unseminar 8 coming.  But Geoff is an incredible guy, very passionate in telling and writing of stories.  Writing is assuredly one of the loves of his life.

About Writing Short Stories

Geoff has written with Steve Mancini for 11 years.  They have written a best-selling satirical novel called Weeping Willow and won a Webby Award for our work on the web series Poor Paul.   While awards are nice, the question remains, what is “You Can Write a Short Story” and WIIFM?

WIIFM, What’s In It For Me?

They have a course that can teach you how to write.   They can teach you how to “find inspiration” and how to break “writer’s block.”  You do not have to be a writing fiend to learn how to find ideas and turn them into actual stories.  Many of my stories come spur of the moment which is something Geoff and Steve teach as well.

But what does this have to do with my business?

Ok, so short stories aren’t your thing.  But blog posts, ebooks and courses require some writing.  If you are wanting to write more for your business, then this could teach you the skills to feel more confident in your writing abilities.   By following the course, you will have written a short story by the end.  Perhaps the story will never do anything but sit upon your laptop, but the skills can be applied to your business.

In other words, if you have trouble creating content this will help you!

To Learn more or buy now visit “You Can Write a Short Story” and tell them I sent you!

~ MJ Schrader

PS Yes, I earn commission, if you buy it.  But Geoff and Steve are wonderful writers and teachers of writing.  And the commission will be used to help fund my trip to Unseminar 8.

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