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  How Does Kartra Protect Your Deliverability? Kartra does a lot to ensure high deliverability of your emails. High deliverability means more emails reaching your target audience. To do this, we keep a very close eye by monitoring your domain and IP health. In addition, we watch over your reputation towards different email providers and spam […]

Video Podcast: How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

Today’s question comes from Charity, who asks “How do I create a Facebook Fan Page?” A Facebook fan page is an amazing way to promote your business, sell more products, build awareness for a cause, gather support for your band, or to advertise in a number of other ways. Almost any time of business can […]

Video Podcast: WordPress Nested Comments

This is my very first video podcast! Christy Hoffman asked “Can I turn off WordPress Nested Comments?” But there are actually several questions here! Are WordPress Threaded Comments Necessary? They are up to you.  If you and your clients like them, then you may want to allow a few levels of nested comments. You will […]

How to Schedule WordPress Posts

Life gets busy sometimes, and often it happens at random times. Then there are times when words seem to flow from your fingers like magic, followed by dry spells. When you learn how to schedule WordPress posts you are able to keep your content flow even throughout these times. How to Schedule WordPress Posts Every time […]

Why is Content King?

Today’s post will explain why content is king and how it benefits your website. Why is Content King? A lawn service could easily design a page with information about how to contact them. Another page with services. Then additional content with lawn tips, special events and other lawn related information.  If your website is hypnosis related, then […]

Social Media Image Templates

Today we are recommending some social media image templates and discussing what your images need.  Social Media is ever evolving. And what each social media type needs as far as cover images and profile image is ever changing as well. Sadly, instead of getting easier, it has gotten more difficult to create these images. Facebook […]

How to Write More Persuasive Content

While business owners know that copy is supposed to be persuasive, they often forget that persuasive content can help you sell more products and services.  This type of blog content is information that grabs your reader by the heart, pulls them in, and gets them involved on your website. Professional copywriters know how to write persuasive […]

Myth Busting the Duplicate Content Myth

Time to Bust that Duplicate Content Myth. (Does this make me an honorary myth buster?) Using previously published articles (Ezine Articles) does not mean you are going to suffer the wrath of Google and suffer the dreaded “Duplicate Content Penalty” Duplicate Content Myth According to Google If you respect your readers, your guest bloggers and […]

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